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Note: see diagram to determine required bag size

For best results with your netting, download the Slow Feed Netting Instruction Sheet

Large Round Net
6’ x 8’
1”, 1 ¼” & 2” mesh sizes
Fits a 5' x 6' Bale
$165.00 CAD

Choose Mesh Size  

Medium Round Net
5’ x 7’
1”, 1 ¼” & 2” mesh sizes
Fits a 4' x 5' Bale
$143.00 CAD

Choose Mesh Size  
Large Rectangular Net
3' 6" x 3' 6" x 10'
1”, 1 ¼” & 2” mesh sizes
Fits a 3' x 8' bale
$139.00 CAD
Choose Mesh Size  
Small Rectangular Net
1”, 1 ¼” & 2” mesh sizes
Fits a standard small rectangular bale (35 – 40 lbs)
$69.00 CAD
Choose Mesh Size  
V-Feeder Net
Double poly opening of 2
1”, 1 ¼” & 2” mesh sizes
Standard size of 2’6” x 3’ x 5’6”
$119.00 CAD
Choose Mesh Size  
Trailer Bag
1”, 1 ¼” & 2” mesh sizes
Holds 4 – 5 flakes
$44.00 CAD
Choose Mesh Size  
Nibble Net
1”, 1 ¼” & 2” mesh sizes
Holds approximately 2 flakes
Standard Size 1.6' x 2.6'
$30.00 CAD
Choose Mesh Size  
Repair Kit
1”, 1 ¼” & 2” mesh sizes
includes the following: repair twine,
replacement cord, repair patch (extra webbing)
$12.95 CAD
Choose Mesh Size  
9 ft Rope
¼ (Mini, Half or Square)
$8.00 CAD
12 ft Rope
¼ (Texas)
$10.00 CAD
18 ft Rope
¼ (Small Round Bale or 3'6 x 3' 6'x 8')
$12.00 CAD
25 ft Rope
¼ (Medium or Large Round Bales $15.00)
$15.00 CAD
Repair Twine
¼ lb
$12.00 CAD
Bolster Bag
2 white mesh
2 Black mesh
1 1/4 Black mesh
1 Black mesh.
$99.95 CAD
Mesh Options
Replacement Panel with Velcro
Replacement panel 2 white
Replacement panel 2 black
Replacement panel 1 1/4 black
Replacement panel 1 black
$29.95 CAD
Mesh Options
H2GO Bag
$38.00 CAD

Purchase Custom Size
Square Footage / $0.83 per square foot

Disclaimer - Custom Size is for RAW MESH ONLY for people who have their own methods or feeders.

Step One : Use Square Footage Calculator to Determine Your Requirements

Step Two: Choose Mesh Size
Your Total Square Footage
Cost is $0.86 CAD per square foot
Your Required Length and Width

Please measure carefully to determine your requirements. If needed, call 905-892-8787 for assistance.

Accepted payment methods: PayPal, Credit Card
*Note: netting is sold in square foot units
*Your order width and length is entered during checkout

Note: Prices listed and shipping costs are for Canadian and U.S. orders only.
USA customers – The charge called GST is a levy to help cover the higher shipping costs.
USA orders may take 5-10 days longer as they must clear U.S.A. Customs.

For a different size of mesh, within 30 days of date of purchase, only un-opened & unused items, customer pays for all shipping charges related to any exchanges

30 Day Manufacturer’s Warranty on hand sewn seams. Returns/Exchanges within 7 days for new, unused nets. Customer pays all shipping fees. For hygienic reasons, nets are non-returnable once used. Haynets are not indestructible and we cannot control the animal eating from the net. Warranty does not cover damage caused by use, including chew holes or tears in the mesh.

The mesh is not metal and can therefore be torn or chewed, horses are livestock and may chew thru the mesh if not transitioned properly or various other reasons. We do not warranty the mesh/netting, only the craftsmanship of the seams. There is an inherent risk in the purchase and use of these products.

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