OptiMizer® Hay Feeder with Slow Feed Netting

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Slow Feed Netting is pleased to be the exclusive supplier of the slow feed netting in the all new OptiMizer® Hay Feeder. Now buy directly from Slow Feed Netting & Save!

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The new OptiMizer® Hay Feeder is launched at the 2019 Royal Winter Fair.

The experts agree* that horses should have access, all the time, to free-choice hay as long as consumption is restricted (e.g. with hay nets or slow feeders).

The OptiMizer® combines the best from Slow Feed Netting with the convenience of a multi-bale feeder. It holds two small square bales of hay or up to 150 pounds of hay from flakes from large square or round bales.
And it takes less than a minute to fill the OptiMizer. Simply unclip the slide arm and open the top. Add two bales of hay, cut and remove the twine, slide the net back over the hay, and re-clip the slide arm. You’re done—slow feed two bales of hay in under a minute! 

Slow Feed Netting is the exclusive supplier of the knotless nylon nets. 

OptiMizer® Slow Feed Hay Feeder

Price: $865.00 + Tax Where Applicable & Shipping

Note: Contact us for shipping price. Shipping is paid separately. 

The OptiMizer is manufactured in Canada and designed for our extreme weather conditions and optimal hay feeding requirements. The manger is made from LLDPE, the same polymer used to make playground equipment. All the corners are rounded or beveled, creating smooth and safe edges. Drainage holes prevent wastage due to prolonged soaking. The manger contains the hay, almost completely reducing the wastage while your horses eat in a natural, heads-down position.

Slow Feed Netting is the exclusive supplier of the knotless nylon nets which are proven to be durable yet gentle for feeding horses. The net is mounted on an assembly made from stainless steel. A slide arm at the top locks the netting into place over the bales. The net conforms to the shape of the hay, and horses slowly pull and eat hay through the mesh. Up to 4 horses can comfortably eat at the same time from an OptiMizer.  

The OptiMizer measures 4′ by 4′ square and the height can range from 22″ to 37″ (standard is 34″). When empty, it weighs about 100 pounds and can be easily moved around the paddock by hand.

To operate the slide arm, stand in front of the name on the unit and slide the red handle with only 1 hand.  

Why isn’t the red handle in the middle of the slide arm?

The slide arm was designed to be operated from the front of the OptiMizer®, and so the red handle is offset towards the front. This orientation:

Enables the slide arm to function smoothly in any terrain. It uses a bar and loop design to accomodate uneven ground.
Allows you to operate the slide arm with one hand and lift the net out of the way at the same time with the other, all the while standing straight to minimize back strain.

*survey of attendees at the International Symposium of Equitation Science, University of Guelph, August 2019.  82 % of respondents strongly agree or agree to “Horses should have access, all the time, to free-choice hay as long as consumption is restricted (e.g. hay nets or slow feeders).”

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What Our Customers Have To Say

  • We have used Turf Net Slow Feed nets for many years. They are very competitively priced, are durable, available in just about any size or configuration, and immeasurable in reducing hay waste. Less hay on the ground means less hay expense and the hay isn't getting trampled into the dirt so clean-up is so much easier, especially in the spring - it's a win/win. I highly recommend their product!
    ~ Kathy, Bear Valley Rescue Society