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Slow Feeding in the News

Slow Feeding in the News

Over the years a few articles have been written about Slow Feed Netting. 

Waste not, want not

A made in Welland solution for hungry horses

NEWS Jan 28, 2014 by Steve Henschel  Niagara This Week - Welland

When Tim Proctor, the owner of Turf Net Sports Supplies, got into the webbing business, he never thought horse owners would be on his client list, but they are.

In fact they’re his fastest growing demographic since he opened Slow Feed Netting out of his Highway 20 location. About four years ago Proctor was approached by a woman he knows with a unique request: she wanted Proctor to manufacture a net to wrap around a bale of hay to limit waste when it came to feeding her horses.

“We make nets to catch fish with,” said Proctor, who honoured the request.

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Equine Wellness Magazine - On Slow Feeding

Equine Wellness MagazineMore and more people are looking into slow feeding as a way to offer their horses forage. But there’s a tendency to think that slow feeding is mainly for easy keepers or those with metabolic issues. This isn’t the case – any horse can benefit. Left to their own devices, horses will naturally graze 18 to 24 hours per day, but with the way many horses are kept nowadays, this natural ideal isn’t always possible.

“Horses need to be slowed down because they have been deprived of forage and are mealfed for human convenience, causing emotional distressleading to boredom, stall vices and ulcers,” says Melissa Auman of Freedom Feeder hay nets.

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What Our Customers Have To Say

  • Thank you! Our first one (net) from you lasted 6 years! Pretty good given my one horse is pretty determined to get through it.
    ~ Adele R.