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  • For the Love of Horses

    As horse owners, we want only the best for them. Feed the natural way. 

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  • Slow Feed Netting

    Reduce the amount of hay wasted, but not your horse's waist line.

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  • The Perfect Natural Feeding Concept

    Providing horse owners with valuable slow feeding knowledge, expertise and products.

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  • Hay is no longer wasted.

    Horses are no longer bored. They can eat slower for longer. 

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Hay Nets & Bags

Find the right size slow feed hay net or bag for your needs. Orders are shipped daily throughout Canada and the United States. 

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slow feeding does not promote wait gain

Custom Netting

Need a custom slow feed hay net? Our customers often come to us with unique requests. We are more than happy to supply a slow feed net for your unique feeding system. 

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slow feeding is great for horses that colic


Find the answers to questions you may have about Slow Feed Netting, our products, ordering and more. 

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From time to time we have discounted hay nets/bags due to overstock, wrong orders or products discontinued - check back often.

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Slow Feeder Hay Net

The slow feeding concept will save you a 'bale' of money. 

Our Canadian-made horse hay nets along with our knowledge and expertise in the netting industry provides quality assurance for horse owners who are adopting the slow feed concept. Great for horses, mini's and ponies. Stock sizes (square bale, round bale, trailer hay nets  / bags) or custom-made slow feed hay nets and hay bags available. 

Slow Feed Netting hay nets help horses suffering from heaves, choking, ulcers, are prone to colic, are hard-keepers, or senior horses. The nets help with herd aggression as the horses are always busy eating.  You will have happy, healthy horses. 
| Less Hay Wasted | Less Time Spent Feeding Hay |

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What Our Customers Have To Say

Benefits Of Using Slow Feed Hay Nets

Slow Feed Netting provides a healthier and natural manner of feeding, offering slow delivery of hay throughout the day rather than 'gorge' and 'starve' when fed 2 or 3 times/day.  

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