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Pricing Custom Netting

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Custom slow feed netting is available to fit your unique feeding system requirements.   

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How To Measure for Custom Netting

At Slow Feed Netting we recognized one size does not fit all. Many horse farms have unique feeding systems requiring special nets to allow the use of the slow feed concept for their horses. By following the simple instructions below, you can price the netting you will require. You can always call us for assistance as well at905-892-8787.

Our netting is priced at  $1.25 per square foot 

Disclaimer - Custom Size is for RAW MESH ONLY for people who have their own methods or feeders.

How To Calculate the square footage of the mesh required.

Please note - we are out of stock on 2" netting until January - your order will be back-ordered - other sizes available. 

Length x Width = Square Footage
(ex. 2.25' x 3.5' =7.87 sq. ft. or 2' x 4' = 8 sq. ft.)

Call if you would like assistance 905-892-8787 or Email us
NOTE: If the calculation boxes are not visible refresh your browser... 

Cost is $1.25 CAD per square foot.

custom netting


30 Day Manufacturer’s Warranty on hand sewn seams. Returns/Exchanges within 7 days for new, unused nets. Customer pays all shipping fees. For hygienic reasons, nets are non-returnable once used. Haynets are not indestructible and we cannot control the animal eating from the net. Warranty does not cover damage caused by use, including chew holes or tears in the mesh.

The mesh is not metal and can therefore be torn or chewed, horses are livestock and may chew thru the mesh if not transitioned properly or various other reasons. We do not warranty the mesh/netting, only the craftsmanship of the seams. There is an inherent risk in the purchase and use of these products.

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Step 1

Enter your required dimensions and click CALCULATE

Step 2

Choose mesh size and click Add to Cart.

Your Required Length and Width
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What Our Customers Have To Say

  • We have used Turf Net Slow Feed nets for many years. They are very competitively priced, are durable, available in just about any size or configuration, and immeasurable in reducing hay waste. Less hay on the ground means less hay expense and the hay isn't getting trampled into the dirt so clean-up is so much easier, especially in the spring - it's a win/win. I highly recommend their product!
    ~ Kathy, Bear Valley Rescue Society